After more than 240 days, Australia is finally free from bushfires

For the first time in 240 days, there are no outbreaks that endanger the lives of Australian citizens. The wildfires affected millions of hectares of vegetation and billions of animals.

The fires started in July 2019, but with huge efforts from the authorities and volunteers, and due to heavy rains the flames were finally stopped.

The NSW Rural Fire Service, a volunteer firefighting agency that has been instrumental in the relief efforts of recent months, confirmed the miracle on Twitter today, March 2nd.

The account wrote: “For the first time since the beginning of July 2019, there is currently no flame vegetation in #NSW. That means more than 240 days of fire activity for the state.”

On February 13, earlier this year, RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers confirmed that all the fires burning at that time were extinguished, “It was a truly devastating season for both vegetation, firefighters and residents alike,” who have suffered so much. ”

There were fires in every Australian state, but New South Wales was hardest hit, with smoke so bad in Sydney in December that air quality measured 11 times the “hazardous” level.

With no fires active in the affected cities of Australia, authorities are now working to help those affected recovers their lives.

Source: luxuryvideoews