A Sunken Continent Found At The Bottom Of The Indian Ocean

The ancient continent, located between India and Madagascar many thousands of years ago, was discovered off the island of Mauritius. Some conspiracy theorists immediately began to see the ghost of Atlantis, but, according to scientists, everything is much more prosaic.

The volcanic island of Mauritius was formed just 8 million years ago. Upon careful analysis of the rocks of the island, scientists discovered strange fragments of the continental plate.

Spectral analysis has also established its exact age – about 3 billion years. The researchers stumbled upon zircon, a mineral characteristic of continental rocks.

The fact that we found zircon of the corresponding age here indicates that there are ancient rocks under Mauritius, which can only be of continental origin – Louis Eschval, the author of the study.

The continental plate resting on the bottom of the Indian Ocean perfectly explains the gravitational anomalies of this region, which have bothered scientists for many years. Naturally, traces of an ancient civilization have not been found, because the continent was long before the appearance of the first people on the planet.