A Sad Story of a Sleepless Dog

The family was completely puzzled by the dog’s odd behavior.

Relationships with humans are quite normal, but those with animals are quite special. Just like the relation of this dog with his new family. A family of husband, wife and their kids adopted a dog in order to make him part of their family. In a period of short time, the pet becomes an integral part and makes everyone happy. The one thing that worried the family about this dog was his habit of not sleeping at night and simply lying at the bedroom door of husband and wife.

At first, the family considered this habit of the dog being some serious health problem and took him to the doctor. Despite the diagnoses, the dog was declared perfectly fine.

Finally, this family approached the shelter home from where the dog has been adopted. Over there, they came to know about the previous owner of the dog who actually dropped him at the shelter home while he was sleeping.

Get to know how dog finally recuperated from the pain in the latter part.

Being left in the shelter home by the owner in a sleeping condition, the dog was actually heartbroken as he was not able to say a final goodbye to his family. The current family went teary eyed after listening to the dog’s sad story and his agony of losing the family.

Now, this family comes up with the solution of putting the dog in a basket sitting next to their bed, in order to heal his emotional pain. After a couple of weeks, the dog finally recuperated from the early pain and sleep freely every night without having fear of losing this family.