A Retired Military Man Told How The United States Dismantled A UFO In Area 51

Intelligence reported strange vehicles at Area-51 airbase. According to one of the retired military personnel, American scientists have found and have already disassembled the UFO.

Stories about unidentified flying objects found over the desert have been circulating since the last century. The famous Roswell incident attracted the attention of the press – at that time the special services could not hide the collision with an unusual technique that had not been seen on Earth.

Videos with unidentified flying objects appeared later. Only at the beginning of last year, two American helicopters were chasing two black dots and caught in the frame of several civilian cameras at once.

The analysis of the strange apparatus, not much like an airplane, also leaked to the network thanks to a covert footage of one of the officers of the US Air Force. The video turned out to be rather blurry, however, the disc-shaped body of the apparatus and the unusual pilot’s seat are clearly visible in the frame.

However, skeptics quite reasonably note that an American reconnaissance aircraft, Astra-7, could be present on the recording.

Information about this experimental aircraft appeared in the press about a year ago – at the same time, reporters noted the unusualness of the hull of the reconnaissance vessel.

Source: Vox