A Man Secretly Dug A Tunnel For 38 Years See What’s Inside

There is a tunnel far away in the Mexican desert. It goes down almost two kilometers. The man dug it for 38 years in secret from everyone, and only now the search engines were able to go down.

The people of El Paso called William Schmidt “the donkey.” He worked tirelessly and was used to not being distracted by anything. He went underground every day and every day he raised up to a ton of rock to the surface.

Such hard work aroused suspicion. The one who found the gold below, or a complete madman, could work with full dedication. But Schmidt did not look like a madman; he behaved quite adequately.

El Paso’s people disliked Schmidt. He seemed too secretive to them, and a curmudgeon, too. And to all the questions about the tunnel, he answered the same thing: “here is the shortest road.”

And after 38 years of continuous work, “Donkey” suddenly took and disappeared. Researchers took control of the tunnel. All because of the persistent rumors that circulated around him – it was rumored that Schmidt found gold.

But so far, instead of gold, the expedition found only traces of pyrite. This is no longer a small amount, the mineral usually shows the proximity of a gold mine.

It will take a long time to study the tunnel. 2087 meters underground and there may be a treasure hiding around every bend.