A Man Discovered An Architectural Heritage Of The XIV Century In His House. But It All Started With A Simple Renovation

Repair is always a difficult and time-consuming process, during which a lot of details and surprises can be revealed. One of these surprises happened to one of the residents of the Spanish city of Ubeda.

Juan Francisco decided to make a major overhaul in his house. But the renovation work did not last long, because, behind the wall, which Juan successfully demolished, he discovered a Renaissance bas-relief. Juan immediately reported his find to the city administration. Needless to say, in connection with the unexpectedly found property, the renovation of the house had to be suspended.

Renaissance bas-relief that Juan discovered behind the wall in his home


Experts have found out the belonging of the bas-relief. It turned out that for centuries the facade of St. George’s Hospital, which was built in the XIV century, was hidden behind the wall of the house!

It also turned out that the work belongs to master Andres de Vandelvier. The architect made a significant contribution to the development and arrangement of the cities of Ubeda and Baeza. Therefore, the fa├žade discovered in Juan’s house was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Facade of St. George’s Hospital, Renaissance, XIV century


In accordance with the Spanish law on historical heritage, Juan was counting on a monetary reward from the state, which is half of the amount at which the bas-relief will be assessed. However, the man had to seek due remuneration through the courts.

4 years after the discovery, this summer, Juan won the case! After the bas-relief he found is assessed, the man will be able to receive compensation in 50% of its value. This means that all the hardships and inconveniences that accompanied Juan and his family while the specialists worked on the bas-relief in his house were not in vain!

We are sure that the amount received will be enough to complete the renovation in the house, and maybe to buy new apartments. All the same, repairs are useful in every sense!