A Funny Story About a Man Who Kept An Elephant In An Apartment

Some people have no idea how to keep dogs or even cats in an apartment. It is difficult for them to share their territory with animals, which also need to be looked after and fed. If you don’t want to take on the responsibility of raising your hamster, can you imagine how some keep even more exotic animals? For example, could you live in the same apartment with an elephant? Yes, this is not a joke. Such a story is also known.

Apartment elephant

A real elephant lived in an apartment in Edinburgh. It was back in 1705.

The information surfaced in the archives of the city. Adam Kerr, who owns a bakery near the fish market, complained about the animal being housed above his store. Kerr was suing the Dutchman Abraham Sever. Adam went to court with the fact that his store and bakery were destroyed due to the manure and water that seeped through the roof. He wanted the officials to visit the ill-fated apartment and see for themselves the violations that were taking place. They were supposed to amount to the cost of damage to his business and facilitate the removal of the elephant from the apartment. A month earlier, Kerr had already written a statement that the animal should be shown to the people of Edinburgh. Abraham agreed to show his elephant to the people in the area, but only for a fee.

The fate of the animal

Before settling in an apartment above a bakery, the elephant traveled throughout Europe in the 1680s and 90s. However, the name of the animal with a unique history remained unknown. After complaints from Adam Kerr, the animal went to Dundee. According to documents, an elephant died in a suburb of the city at Brotie Ferry a year after this story.

Curious why Abraham North needed an elephant? And why he could not find a more suitable place for him. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in an apartment with an elephant? The next time you decide to complain about noisy neighbors upstairs, just remember this story. But you are still very lucky, aren’t you?