A Bulldozer Helped A Suffering Elephant Climb A Hill. His Heavy Legs Were Slipping

In common finding elephants in India and in the town of Siddapur they ran into it in trouble. They did not hesitate to give him a hand and he seemed to be thanking him with his trunk.

Sometimes humans can be very helpful in helping animals . Although historically the advancement and development of society has led to the loss of spaces where many species used to live, it is also necessary that people take action on the matter to be of help .

This could be evidenced in the case of an elephant that was in trouble in India when he tried to climb a hill without success. The pachyderm put all its strength into play to be able to overcome the obstacle, but the soft earth made it fall again after each climbing step.

It was at that moment that a group of people entered the scene who knew that it would be very useful to extend a helping hand to the elephant. Therefore, with the help of an excavator, they were able to give him the boost he needed to reach the top of the small mountain.

This could be evidenced in a video posted by user Satish Shah on his account on the social network Twitter, wherein less than a minute, the large animal was already up the hill. Then he wanted to interact with the excavator, although it is not known if it was to thank him or express his discomfort.

According to Satish, this occurred in the town of Siddapur, in the southwest of the Asian country. Due to the moving content of the video, it quickly became popular in the internet world and already has more than 2,300,000 views, 47,600 likes, and 11,400 retweets .

It also has more than 800 comments from users who joined in applauding the action of these people who, far from ignoring such a situation relevant, joined be helpful for an animal that might not have been able to climb that hill for its own account.

Credit : satish shah