A Biker Girl From Japan Has Won Fans Over With Her Cute Photos. But Then Her Real Face Gave Out The Detail In The Reflection

In pursuit of likes, views and complimentary comments, many bloggers go for various tricks. Here you will find carefully planned plot twists in life, and constant raffles of free gifts, and what else is just not. Well, almost every blogger has used a photo editor at least once. One of these filter lovers was a Japanese blogger who became popular for her photographs with a Yamaha motorcycle. But one day, the fans noticed the girl’s real face in the rearview mirror and realized that all this time they were shamelessly deceived.

The girl became popular by posting her photos with a motorcycle


A Twitter user from Japan under the nickname azusagakuyuki has amassed an impressive army of fans – now she has over 18 thousand subscribers.

The girl is fond of motorcycles and regularly shares pictures from her trips with people, and also happily poses next to her Yamaha


However, big-eyed subscribers saw a catch in the girl’s photos.


One of the pictures caught a mirror, in the reflection of which was not a pretty girl at all, but a man with glasses.

Japanese journalists conducted an investigation and found out that a man is hiding under the guise of a pretty biker woman


It turned out that the pretty girl next to the motorcycle is a 50-year-old man named Zungu who changed his appearance using filters.

Zonggu did not deny and admitted that the biker girl is really him


The man said that he went to deception for the sake of attention. According to the Mothership, Zungu thought that a pretty girl next to a motorcycle would attract much more likes and views than an ordinary uncle.

Well, the man still continues to upload his edited pictures, and the number of his followers does not decrease. So his plan worked, and how!