9 Smart Interactions Between Street Art and Nature

Urbanization and nature are incompatible things, but this is only at first glance. If you look in more detail, then something worthwhile can come out of this union, something truly unique. A great example is street artists who incorporate nature into their art, which turns their 2D paintings into 3D installations. Examples of art, this is only a small part of what street artists have created together with nature.

People are trying to win a dispute for dominance on Earth from nature itself. But it is impossible for people to win this argument, sooner or later nature will prevail, even if it leaves its position somewhere. One must live in harmony with nature, there is no other way. This is well understood by some street artists. They create unique works of art by interacting with nature.

Thanks to street art, an ordinary dandelion that has sprouted through concrete becomes an inviolable object of art. And the fluffy crown of the tree turns into someone’s hairstyle. By creating art in tandem with nature, street artists are telling the rest of the people to live with nature in peace and not try to suppress it. If humanity does not overcome nature, then there will be no humanity itself.

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