9 Signs You Are Spiritually Gifted Without Even Realizing It

While you might feel different, you could be so much more than everyone else without even knowing it. Spiritually gifted people are far and few but come in so many different forms.

Spiritually gifted people are simply people who were born with spiritual gifts. They are more energetically charged than others and for that reason are capable of a lot more than your average human. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you are spiritually gifted and then what that could mean for you. If you find that these things apply to you, perhaps seeking guidance in that area is your next step.

9 Signs You Might Be Spiritually Gifted Without Realizing It:

1. Animals seem to be drawn to you.

If animals seem to come to you and really identify with you then you might have a spiritual gift. Spiritually gifted people tend to be able to understand animals on a deeper level than most. It’s as if they can truly communicate with them.

2. Strangers are quick to open up to you.

If strangers seem quick to open up to you, it could have to do with your warm aura. You are a very open and approachable person making others feel safe confiding in you.

3. Sometimes you hear voices or your intuition is very strong.

If you hearing voices or notice your intuition is very strong you might be spiritually gifted. These things indicate the universe is more willing to speak with you. It shows us that you are more connected with the source.

4. You tend to wake during the witching hour.

If you tend to wake during the witching hour it could be because the universe sends you messages. This is a very interesting time of night and anything can happen. While it might not seem like much, you could be taking a lot away from it.

5. People seem to always come to you for help.

If people seem to always come to you for help there could be a reason for that. This relates back to your warm aura; people think of you as a safe space. They know you will be truthful with them no matter what.

6. Your dreams are extremely vivid.

If you have dreams that feel almost real then you might be someone the universe is speaking to. The universe sends us messages in our sleep and sometimes we can interpret them while other times we cannot. Perhaps you should try and figure out what you’re being told.

7. You feel so different from other people.

If you feel different then chances are you are different. A lot of the time when we feel something there is a reason for it; perhaps you just don’t fit in.

8. When you’re stressed or upset strange things happen.

If you notice peculiar things like lights dimming or so forth when you’re upset it could be your energies interacting with the world around you. While this is not as common as the rest of the things on this list it does happen. You may not notice it often but it will be present.

9. The full and new moons seem to make you feel odd.

If you seem to feel out of place during the full and new moon there is a reason for it. While we are all affected in our own ways you are affected more. You feel everyone on a deeper level than most.

If these things apply to you then you should check out the video below. It will tell you all that you need to know to really begin delving into this world of your spiritual journey. From here nothing will be the same.

via: Awarenessact.com