9 Autistic Students Perform A Exciting Routine Which Left Everyone In Tears

The reality shows have all types of talented dance groups but there are very fewer groups which win the audience only by their attitude and passion towards their talent. This is one such group which left the whole audience in tears after they stormed the stage and gave an exciting performance.


Just like the other dancing shows, The Greatest Dancer, which airs on the BBC have many talented dancers come to audition. This group named the AWA-Autism With Attitude have impressed not only the crowd and the judges but they even earned a standing ovation.

The big prize

This dance show is a little different from the others and so, they have to compete against each other other to dance on the Strictly Come Dancing and win a prize of £50,000 at the end of it plus the incentives. Which is why all the dancers try their best. And the AWA did right what they had to do.

Portal to next stage

These celeb captians are the judges for the show but in fact the whole power is in audiences hands. That is why if the 75 percent of the crowd is impressed by the performance then they can vote to open the secret mirror. This is a portal to the next stage of the competition. Impressive, right?

Portal to dreams

All types of of dance forms have prevailed the stage and the kids with Autism had to try hard to get where they are now. All they had to do was impress the audience to open up the portal to their dreams.

Emotional story

The youth of the Autism with Attitude are school mates and their dance teacher, Jonathan had said that the ones who have grown beard have left school. Their emotional story had also got the audience a little teary eyed.

The Video

This is their amazing hip-hop performance that left everyone mesmerized with their attitude. The whole crowd were in awe of it and gave them a standing ovation.