8 Terrifying Signs Of Narcissistic Rage

We all have heard so many things about narcissists and we know who they are. It is not easy to deal with them and it becomes harder when they angry and in rage. The definition of ‘narcissism’ as explained by Mayo Clinic will itself make you feel bad about the notion of an enraged narcissist.

Narcissists are the people who suffer from a “mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships and a lack of empathy for others. but behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism”.

This definition itself will make you feel that you should not mingle with narcissists but in some way or the other, you will have to deal with one of them as everyone can be a narcissist. From your parents to your partner, anyone can be a narcissist and that is why it is important to have a good knowledge of them.

Here are a few situations which can create narcissistic rage:

  1. The narcissist doesn’t feel that they are in control of their relationship or physical surrounding.
  2. Manipulation, inadequacy or self-loathing.
  3. Some kind of threat to narcissist’s self-image
  4. When the narcissist being asked to be accountable for their actions.
  5. When they are caught breaking rules and social norms.
  6. When they are not treated as the center of attention, regardless of the priorities, they become enraged.
  7. When they are criticized by others.
  8. When they don’t get their own way.

Yeah, this will sound scary but you will surely be surprised to know the prices that narcissists levy upon themselves for their enraged and destructive behaviors.

  1. They may suffer a damaged reputation.
  2. They may have missed opportunities because of their inability to connect with others.
  3. They will face issues due to rule breaking.
  4. Their own family will be distant for them. there is evidence as for how narcissists scapegoat and estrange their families.
  5. Relationships falling apart. This article explains the reasons for that.
  6. Relationships of any nature being cut off. They discard people once their use is over for them.
  7. Loneliness and isolation.
  8. Deep fear of being rejected or losing their importance.

There are possibilities where narcissists can be changed from these ways and means. But it will surely require a lot of works. So, if your friend or a partner is a narcissist, advise them to seek some mental health treatment.

Via : https://whatzviral.com