8 Real Earth Locations That Look Like An Artist’s Fantasy

Chocolate waterfalls, multi-colored rivers and bacon cliffs, stone monsters, and rainbow mountains – all these are not the dreams of a science fiction artist, but the earthly creations of mother nature. We have collected for you 7 real incredibly picturesque locations as if painted with the brush of an invisible creator.

Marble Cave, Cuevas de Marmol, located between Chile and Argentina

Extraordinarily beautiful turquoise grottoes are located in one of the deepest lakes in the world, General Carrera, at an altitude of 217 m. It is noteworthy that the walls of the cave labyrinth actually do not consist of marble, but of limestone.

Chuya River, Gorny Altai, Russia

Chuya is an amazing river, which throughout its entire length changes not only the name but also the direction of the flow. And the color of the water in the channel changes depending on the time of year and the section of the river.

Roebuck Bay, Australia

Western Australia is home to the fantastically colorful offshore Roebuck Bay, which has become popular for its eye-popping red-orange sandy coastline.

Hvitserkur rock, Iceland

Khvitserkur is almost flat, like the Parus rock in Gelendzhik, but looks like an ancient stone monster lurking off the coast in anticipation of prey. The name translates as “white shirt”. In the summer, birds nest on the rock and, naturally, their vital activity leaves white traces on the stone monster. At low tide, you can get close to the rock, but do not forget that there may be unfriendly Arctic terns there.

Caño Cristales River, Colombia

The river can be different: multi-colored, crystal, and escaped from paradise. That is what the local population calls the most beautiful river in the world. Canto Cristales can change its color several times during the year. The reason for this is the vital activity of river algae, which, depending on the season, water temperature, and light, change their color.

Grand Falls Falls, Arizona

Grand Falls is taller than Niagara Falls and has very wide streams. It is often referred to as Chocolate because of the color of the extremely cloudy water. If you look closely from a distance, it may seem odd that streams of cocoa drink flow down the mountain cascade.

Zhemchuzhina Sukhona, Vologda region, Russia

Molds on the Sukhona River are considered a geological wonder of the Vologda Oblast. In steep cliffs up to 60 meters high, clays and marls of various shades and colors are originally interbedded, from a distance they look like fantastic bacon banks.

Colorful rocks of Zhangye Danxia, ​​China

Since the rainbow mountains of China have been formed for many thousands of years, they keep a whole arsenal of dinosaur fossils and ancient plant species inside. But they do not give the hills such a picturesque look. The landscapes of Danxia consist of assorted rocks, which gradually oxidized under the influence of water and air, which served to create such an unusual color.

After reviewing this collection, we can conclude that the most beautiful things on Earth were created not by human hands, but by nature. And our world is the most skillful creator that can be!