8 Major Reasons Why Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us Than We Think They Do

Do you even remember the number of times you’ve taken flight to travel from one place to another? Every time you’ve been at the airport to travel, you’ve given a lot of information about you to the Airport staff! Don’t believe us? See it yourself!


Analysis Of Your Behavior

If you think only officers frisking you are paying attention on you, then you are wrong my friend! There a lot of other security officials who are looking at you and noting your behavior! So they literally know a lot about your behavior!


Role of dog

Forget j=humans, even dogs know a lot about us! Our luggage is actually sniffed by dogs in order to make sure nothing objectionable is there in it!


They control planes when they fly and when they are parked

So they literally know about slightest of movements made by passengers in or around the plane!


They know what you’ve been carrying in your hands

Sometimes airport staff asks passengers to rub their hands on a piece of fabric before putting it in into a special machine. Yes, they know what you had in your hands!


They Are Aware Of The Hidden truth

Also, they know how high you are and about all the intoxication that you’ve taken! In many big airports, there are special cameras which help notice if a person is drunk or under the influence of drugs.


The plain truth

Yes, they’ve seen you naked as well! They have! In some airports, there are special scanners which oblige a passenger to lift their hands up when going through it.


A Fact

Here’s a fact for you guys! The food that you have in your flight is cooked about 6-10 hours in advance.


Another Fact- About Your Luggage!

Here’s a luggage fact for you! Whatever happens to your bag is something they don’t really know. Baggage is sorted automatically: scanners scan the barcode and sort the baggage according to its destination. So well, there’s no surety if you’ll get your luggage back!

Source : Did you know page