8 Basic Laws Of Karma

Karma is the totality of our good and bad actions that determine our destiny in this and future lives. By following them, you can change your destiny for the better and find good luck.

The law of cause and effect (law of the harvest)

If a person does something bad, it will not go unnoticed. Sometimes it happens that karma instantly overtakes a person. He wished someone something bad – and it happened to him the next moment or the same day. Sometimes our sins and mistakes pass into the next life. In the next incarnation, we do not remember what we did, but we get what we deserve.

Punishment for sins may not come immediately, but good deeds are sometimes rewarded almost instantly. You need to believe that all good things come back a hundredfold. Even sincere good thoughts give us good luck in the future, not to mention our actions.

The law of enlightenment

Karma exists so that a person can improve himself. We gain enlightenment when we do something good. This is more important than wealth and love. This is more important than life itself. All the accumulated experience and spiritual knowledge will pass into a new life and will be accumulated.

Unity law

Good and evil will always go hand in hand. That is why the sages advise to always remember: when you feel bad, it means that something very good is happening somewhere nearby. If you feel good, then something unpleasant may happen at any moment. The world is not completely light or dark. In everything bad, you can always find a drop of light, hope, love.

Weave law

Even if you do some neutral things that almost no one knows about, you still influence events in the future. Sometimes we act as if we are driven by something from the outside. This karma pushes us to actions that are needed in order for this or that important event to happen in the world. Any person is a cog in a huge system called life.

Law of adoption

If you want to change something, you have to accept it. It is necessary not only to believe in something, but to accept it as the truth – unconditional and obvious. You cannot change what you don’t believe in.

The law of forgiveness

Learn to forgive people to become freer. Resentment and negativity block your chakras and stop positive karmic processes. People who are full of negativity do not get good luck and positiveness from the Universe, because they cannot carry them to the masses. When we don’t forgive someone, the universe doesn’t forgive us.

Learning Law

Karma may try to open our eyes to something. For example, if a person thinks that it is right to steal, then the universe will send a person trials aimed at showing him that it is impossible to live like this. Basically, this happens in such a way that a person can feel himself in someone else’s shoes. It is both punishment and training.

Law of assistance

Very often, karma does not directly change our life, but gives strength so that we ourselves can change it. It is important to have the desire to change what surrounds you. If this desire does not do anything bad to anyone, karma will give strength and indicate the right direction of movement.