7 Home Remedies To Soothe Sciatic Pain.

7 The Cat Pose.

Sciatic pain initiates from the lower back and goes down till your foot. There may be medication to relive the pain but if it gets worse, the only way out is surgery. Although, there have been some natural ways to reduce the pain.

Yoga has been a proved remedy yo almost all the disorders. There’s one for this as well. The cat pose is said to be quite effective. The procedure is clearly shown in the picture above. While you push your back up, exhale and as you go down, inhale. But do not continue if the pain grows immensely.

Breathe Like A Lion.

Another being, the sphynx with opening your mouth wide enough. As shown in the picture, lay on your stomach and raise your head, throw your tongue out, completely, (it may look weird, but your health comes first). This suppresses the stress thus giving some relieve from the pain.

Play The Temperature Game!!

Apply ice pack on the affected area for some time, followed by a hot water bath. The ice relieves the pain on the upper surface while the hot water penetrates deep inside’s trouble.

A Good Night’s Sleep!

You may wonder what sleep has to do with pain, but sleep lowers anixtey and is essential for normal functioning of your body, remember you body needs rest too. Also, sleeping well may help decrease the pressure on the sciatic nerve thus reducing the pain.

Message Away The Pain.

We all have experienced immense and heavenly pleasure when the fingers gently roll over your body, all your tension and stress and anxiousness goes away. It does wonders to the sciatic pain as well.


Acupressure has its on benefits but it has to be done the correct way. Do not go for it by anyone and everyone. Let the trained ones do the magic.

Walk Away.

Sitting for a longer duration can increase the pressure in the nerve thus giving you painful hard times. Walk a few miles if your work asks for sticking your ass for a longer time.