7 Funny Dogs You Could Not Help But Photograph

Dogs are man’s best friends. They help to cheer up better than any humorous program. It is dogs that are considered companions not only of the body, happily accepting various physical activities that their owner is passionate about but also of the soul. Below is a selection of 7 photos of funny dogs that you couldn’t just walk past without taking a picture.


Coonhound dog Maddie is a walking absurdity. Her favorite hobby is to be photographed in ridiculous and strange poses.


Brussels Griffon Squid is a true fashionista. He has earned the nickname “dog without hind legs” because in almost every photo it looks like he really doesn’t have any. They actually are, they just skillfully disguise themselves in the photo.


Popeye was a stray dog ​​in the past, and now he is a real gourmet and a frequenter of many fashion establishments.


French Bulldog Trotter from San Francisco is simply a master of disguise. He changes images several times a day.


A birth defect – the lower jaw is too short, and the upper jaw is too long – did not prevent the Chihuahua named Tuna from becoming popular, but, on the contrary, added zest.


Golden Retriever Rusty was betrayed by his owners 5 years ago – he was simply left in the park. But thanks to the love of the current owner, the dog was able to become open and friendly. He likes to be photographed in different ways and helps in the rehabilitation of other frightened dogs in a special center.


Doug is the most popular pug in the world and a master of disguise. In his images, he often tries to imitate celebrities. Lives in America in a luxurious mansion with his loving owners.

There is such a phrase – “Without a cat, life is not the same.” The photos above prove that she is not the same without a dog. Four-legged friends not only help to heal spiritual wounds but also perfectly cheer up.