7 Funny Cases When Animals Suddenly Had A Program Crash

You are probably familiar with the situation when a person suddenly exhibits strange behavior, called deviant? Sometimes pretending to be adequate bothers our closest neighbors on the planet – animals.

WHAT YES HOW selected for you 7 funny cases when animals suddenly had a “program failure”. Many of them look strange and funny at the same time.


Let’s start with the simplest “breakdown”. If you have a dog at home, then you have probably seen the so-called dog “yoga” during her sleep more than once.

So Bruce in the photo above shows us another example – you can’t immediately make out where the head is. Did you quickly consider?


Another example of “failure” is in a dream and continuing with other situations. We already know a lot about cats, but the unique properties of the structure of their skeleton, due to which they make such tricks, will probably never cease to amaze.

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Horses also know how to make us laugh. People consider them very graceful animals, but some horses openly spit on the opinions of others.

The photo clearly shows one of these rebels and his friend, who is trying to reason that horses are not supposed to sit on the priest – “What are you doing? Well, people are watching.”


As you already understood, not only cats can look funny in a strange situation. Try to understand for yourself who it is in the photo above and what happened here?

Seals are not very picky guys, and even with a physique similar to a sausage, which adds to them a certain clumsiness. Therefore, it is not surprising that this comrade, having crashed into the glass, was so “flattened”.


Was this dog expecting a carrot while begging for treats from the table? It is unlikely that’s why he lost the signal with our world. What was going on in his head at that moment is a mystery.

However, this is not the only case when pets literally freeze when you put some unfamiliar vegetable in their mouth. Has it happened?

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Would you dance with such a gentleman? Jokes are jokes, but it is difficult to call such behavior normal for a dog.


And finally. Can any of you explain in the comments what is the name of this bird?

Bears have earned the reputation of ferocious predators, but due to curiosity, some of these mammals sometimes behave incredibly strangely. Often such Winnie the Poohs are looking for an answer to the original Russian question “What will happen?”.