6 Insects And Other Animals Whose Disguise Is To Be Envied

It is important to be able to merge with the environment both for predators and for those who are trailing “at the tail” of the food chain. This disguise was called mimicry: weak animals use it to hide from strong ones, and they use it so as not to frighten away their prey.

WHAT YES HOW selected 6 insects and other animals whose disguise can be envied.

(All images used to illustrate the article are taken from the site bigpicture.ru and Yandex. Pictures with the rights of their authors reserved.)


The most famous creature among those who can instantly “change shoes” under the environment is a chameleon. No doubt you’ve heard of its ability to change color, but how exactly does this curious process take place?

The lizard’s super ability “turns on” when a threat approaches. Skin colors are changed by chromatophore cells contained on the cover of the sly one. Inside them are stored yellow, red, brown, black pigments, which help the chameleon to “dissolve” in space.


This unusual creature will soon turn into a beautiful butterfly, which is called not just anyhow, but a real Malay baron. But is it easy for a caterpillar to survive to this point in the dangerous rainforests of Asia?

Very difficult. But the ability to imitate the leaves of plants not bad helps her to hide from the keen eyes of birds, it is enough just to freeze and not distinguish you from the leaf.


Hunters on those who are weaker, nature also awarded camouflage. This bird, which lives all over our planet, has been met by many of us. Most often, owls hunt at night, but how can diurnal species of birds sneak up on prey unnoticed?

With a faded color and patterns on the plumage of a predator, it is completely invisible against the background of tree bark and in many other locations, which helps him out.


This coral inhabitant was named so because of its strong resemblance to an underwater rock or reef. Many may hear about the wart (its second name) for the first time, but it is very important to know about it because it is the most poisonous fish on our planet.

The fish will not be the first to attack you, since it really does not like to move and prefers to lie unnoticed between the stones or, buried in the sand. However, if you touch one of her skin growths, you will receive a dose of poison that can kill a person in a couple of hours.

Pygmy Seahorse

Another inhabitant of warm waters. Nature deprived the horse of dimensions and courage, but in return gave him a “saving” color. In order not to be detected, he quickly adjusts his skin color (changing from pink to deep red) to the shade of the reef – and relaxes with a calm soul.

Tree frog changeable

We complete the selection with a frog, the name of which already speaks of its main superpower. This type of tree frog from its entire family, defending itself from predators, is best able to change the color of its skin to green, brown, or gray. Such are the tricksters.

Do you know any other animals/insects that can adapt to the surrounding space? Share with us in the comments.