6 Crazy Historical Photos

A lot of things happened in the history of mankind that seems to us now not only strange but insane. With the advent of photography, people have been able to record their madness for eternity, thanks to which we can now look at them.

Here are some photos. Especially, of course, the story of Cheng is shocking.

Baby cage

Imagine: you are walking down the street, and suddenly a child is crying above you. You raise your head and see a baby sitting in a cage. Do not be afraid, do not be indignant, and do not rush to call the rescue service!

This is just a newfangled walking “zone” for a child! Such cages were used in large cities in Europe and the USA in the 30s of the XX century. According to the creators of the cells, this way the child could spend more time on the street.

Photo: public domain.

Birthday gift

Annie Edson Taylor had a dream since childhood – she wanted to be packed in a barrel and lowered from Niagara Falls. She managed to fulfill her desire in October 1901, being at a very respectable age: a short trip in a barrel was a gift for the woman’s 63rd birthday.

Photo: public domain.

The future of science

And in this photo of 1893, it’s not at all the detained criminals and not the boxers after the lost fights. These are students of the prestigious Princeton University. The boys were just playing snowballs!

Surely each of them subsequently made a brilliant career in science.

Photo: public domain.

You will have to show proof!

In 1983, in a strip club in the town of Clearwater, Florida, plainclothes police arrested a stripper, suspecting her of disturbing the peace. According to law enforcement officers who arrested the woman, the dancer’s underpants did not cover enough of what should have been covered by state law.

However, the stripper presented quite clear evidence in court, confirming that everything was covered up and nothing was visible.

Was justified.

Photo: public domain.

Dream work

But the year is 1925 and the famous American policeman Smokey Bukinnen, who heroically measured hundreds of swimsuits on Wats Palm Beach, checks the bathing suit of a girl named Betty Fringle for compliance with current moral standards.

Many men envied Smokey, considering his work to be a dream job. However, the policeman said that it was hellish work. In the sun, measuring swimwear when others are chilling and resting is painful.

Photo: public domain.

Smile in the face of death

And this legendary photo is not just crazy, but scary. A pretty girl is smiling at the camera, laughing men are sitting behind her.

Who, looking at this photo, will guess that the girl is the Chinese guerrilla Cheng Benhua, and the men are Japanese soldiers? Who would guess that last night these same men raped Cheng, and immediately after the “photo shoot” they will stab her with bayonets?

Cheng Benhua has become a symbol of China’s resistance to Japanese aggression, as well as a model of resilience and amazing courage for the whole world.

Photo: public domain.

What crazy historical photos do you know?