6 Animals That Have Evolved Superpowers

Have you heard the expression “Life does not stand still”? Loris with poisonous armpits, a possum with an imaginary death, and other creatures from today’s selection are vivid confirmation of this. WHAT YES HOW talks about 6 animals that have evolved superpowers.

All images used to illustrate the article are taken from Yandex. Pictures belong to their authors.

Sloth and algae on the body

They called this friend so for a reason because he is lazy in absolutely everything. All his free time he hangs motionless on a tree and only once a week he is forced to descend to the ground. What for?

Everything is explained simply. These animals feed on leaves, but their stomach, as lazy as they are, digests them very slowly. This is where evolution gave them a solution. Descending to the ground, they leave a litter with moth larvae. The emerging insects fly in and climb into the sloth’s fur, helping to grow algae on it. The animal feeds on them and walks in a fashionable green fur coat as a bonus.

Lori and Poison Armpits

A cute ball of thick and soft wool is actually quite dangerous. Nature gave him special glands that he hides under his arms. During a threat, a toxic liquid is released from them, with which the loris generously coats its fur. As soon as the enemy approaches, the animal licks the fur and spits poison, giving the ill-wisher a strong attack of allergies.

Triton and poisonous ribs

The spiny newt could still be called Wolverine, well, remember who in X-Men released blades from brushes? All thanks to the abilities of this cunning, which appear in case of danger. At such a moment, ribs with poisonous tips come out right from his sides, through the skin. A kind of weapon strikes the enemy, and the triton easily restores bones and tissues.

Skink and squeak

Crocodile skink glorified the legendary series “Game of Thrones”. Prior to that, they were not particularly interested, but in vain. The lizard has curious oddities, one of which is the manner of scaring off the enemy. As soon as danger approaches, the skink makes a sharp sound, very reminiscent of the squeak of a rubber duck.

Boxer crab and poisonous pom-poms

Nature deprived this creature of large claws but rewarded with ingenuity. The boxer crab puts sea anemones (corals) on its miniature claws and boldly waves them right in front of the enemy. You should not worry about anemones, in this union they are not victims at all. Together with the bully, they easily get food and travel to new territories.

Possum and coma

The opossum, notorious for its smell, completes the selection. Evolution gave him the ability to pretend to be dead, which helps to protect himself from enemies. If you frighten an animal, it will automatically go into a coma. It will come out of it only a few hours later so that the enemy is convinced of the unviability of the animal. In addition, his glands also emit a frightening odor when frightened, providing a believable picture of “death”.