5 Year Old Boy Talks About His Past Life

Luke Ruelman is five years old. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) and claims that he remembers his former life, where he was 30-year-old black Pam from Chicago.

The boy talked so persistently about his previous life that his mother, combining all the details from the “biography of the mysterious Pam”, decided to investigate, looked through the old newspapers, and discovered that such a woman really existed.

Luke Ruelman

At some point, Luke began to give out such things: “When I was a girl, I had black hair.” “I wore these earrings when I was a girl.” “I used to be called Pam, but Pam I died. I went up to heaven and saw God there. He pushed me back down. Then I woke up and turned out to be a baby, and you called me Luke. “

Luke Ruelman
Pamela Robinson

Pamela Robinson died in a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993. She was indeed 30 years old. The boy says that after death, Pamela’s soul met with God and was sent back to Earth. After which he was born a boy.

Luke’s mother says that almost all the facts from Luke’s story are confirmed.

Source : Daily Mail