4 phrases that can not be told a woman in bed

It seems that all these are obvious things, but each of us is not-no, and sometimes sometimes at the most inopportune moment, something that after a few weeks besieves the ragged passion with bouquets. Read, grin, think.

But there is so much sex in itself, how much the partners talk about it – that’s what is very important for the sane relations of a man and a woman. But since the topic is slippery, not everyone copes with it. Before touching this vital question next time, think for a second: will not your words sound as foul as the next four phrases?

You know, I’d rather read it

Nobody forbids you to be tired, but it’s forbidden to react to her invitation to sex so sluggishly. Live (at least formally) and say something like: “I can not believe I’m saying this, but today I’m wildly exhausted.” Promise to return to this topic, say, in the morning and do everything, whatever she asked. After all, when a woman knows that she is still interested in her, she is ready to make small concessions.

Your orgasm is as real as the hairdress of Kobzon!

Do not make her such a claim, especially in the bedroom. You can express your doubts elsewhere and in other words (and it would be great if the topic of the previous conversation somehow suggested such a development). So: it seemed to you that she was trying to feign orgasm, but there is no need for it, because you want your relationship to be as sincere as possible, because mutual respect is so beautiful and exactly what you lacked with other women. Something like this.

Listen, have you been testing for STI for a long time?

No matter how gently you ask about it, any girl will hear the following: “It seems to me that you are sick with something”. Let you have been recently acquainted, let it really bother you (you have the right), you must act differently. Imagine this by your initiative: they say, I want to be checked just in case for the sake of the two of us. And offered to go to the clinic together – so reliable. With this approach, the girl will not hear accusations in her address, and this is important.

And did you really think that I should like this?

Such statements just allow women to call us goats without a twinge of conscience. Do not tell her that she’s having a bad time. Tell me that you would like to learn how to give her pleasure: “What do you want me to do or not to do?” She will tell and, most likely, ask the same answer in your answer – that’s when your unpunished turn to tell , as well as what it should and should not. And remember the main trick: any discontent to hide between two compliments – and everything will be fine.