25 Proofs That It Is Better Not To Joke With The Sun Cause It Will Have The Last Laugh

The long-awaited summer has finally come, now you can enjoy warm days, swim, and sunbathe. At this time of the year, the sun is especially hot and you can get a tan in just an hour. Therefore, this process must be controlled and special means must be used so as not to get burned. But the most difficult thing in this matter is to get a uniform tan. And this is not possible for everyone. We present you with funny photos that clearly prove this.

01 When you constantly wear shorts of the same length

02 Don’t forget to take off your watch

03 He put on a cap so that his head would not bake. Now he seems to regret

04 “Master, what beautiful socks you have”

05 Everyone was in this situation

06 Invisibility cap

07 Clothing with holes is very insidious.

08 When you worked with gloves all-day

09 Now everyone will know that he wears crocs

10 Live heart monitor

11 How to spot a professional cyclist

12 Sun + ripped jeans

13 When at work you can go without a T-shirt, but always in pants

14 3 levels of tan. And which one are you on?

15 And this family loves an unusual tan.

16 When I bought a more revealing swimsuit

17 Ate in nature

18 Oh, these summer clothes with a million straps

19 This girl boasts an original tan.

20 Now everyone knows what she was wearing yesterday

21 “Now what to do with it?”

22 Someone walked in a T-shirt yesterday

23 Nice idea for a summer tattoo

24 With the help of a tan, you can easily become Batman