20 Extraordinary Eggs That Raise Many Questions

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What is the hidden meaning of the folk tale of the golden egg? Do you know when World Egg Day is celebrated? (Answer: on the second Friday of October). An egg is a popular and beloved product among the people, with which proverbs and sayings, stories, literary works and interesting facts are associated. For example,: the smallest eggs in hummingbirds are less than 1 cm in length. So our photo selection includes examples of amazing eggs. Why amazing? Scroll down and find out for yourself…

I bought 4 eggs, and all of them had a double yolk!

Just look, it’s spying on me!..

We breed chickens. One is hatching such giant eggs!

I found an egg with alien markings in the market…

And one more unusual egg: with a white yolk!

And this testicle grew in length, not in breadth.

It is hard to believe that in front of me is an egg and not something of unearthly origin …

The shape is almost perfect. Nature knows how to create Perfection!

Goose eggs are larger than chicken eggs, I understand that. But where does the black come from?

The cassowary bird has green eggs, for example.

Chicken eggs are very large. And inside are often found “additional” …

Two different eggs from the same hen.

You peel the shell like this and you will find out the secret of the egg

This egg is pretending to be a bean!

An amazing copy – with a double yolk!

It seems that the egg was sent to us by aliens from Jupiter…

It is interesting to find out where his yolk is located.

The egg is suitable for cracking other eggs!

When you have such an egg in your hands, only a sense of humour saves!

And I and my imagination turned this egg into a globe!