19 Nail Art Trends To Avoid

Today, many women pay great attention to their hands, in particular nails. Beautiful well-groomed nails are one of the main elements in the image of a woman. However, in search of creativity and unusualness, many resorts to such actions with nails that defy any understanding!

01 No words!

02 Well, why not?

03 For those who smoke

04 What for?

05 There is no such thing as too much luxury

06 Manicure for a pharmacist

07 Glass nails

08 For figure skaters

09 The eye that sees everything and everyone

10 Beautiful manicure

11 Nails on nails

12 Scary, but disgusting at the same time.

13 There is no place for words

14 Especially for those who lose their keys

15 Mystery. What it is?

16 For reptile lovers

17 These nails can kill

18 For young mothers

19 Nails with chicken eggs