19 Mind Blowing Photos That Show How Stray Dogs Change When They Find Owners

Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. Often, four-legged animals cannot do without the help and support of people. They remain homeless and face many diseases and dangers. But how do love and care change dogs when animals find a home? We have put together a few examples for you that prove this:

The day my husband took him out of the shelter and 2.5 years later


How fast do dogs grow


Jess transformation


She was homeless when we found her. The vets said she had a week to live. May 2021 and August 2022.

This is how a dog changes in a year


The shelter said it was a Chihuahua.


Turns out we adopted an American Staffordshire Terrier that looked like a skeleton! Meet Hal, our sofa potato.

This dog was found on the side of the road on Christmas Day 2018


Day 1 vs. Day 365


How it all began and what it looks like now


Before and after being adopted


Alice found a home three months ago


Just one month difference


Once he was abandoned on the road, and now look at this baby!


This is Riddick. He was adopted at the age of 12, and every day he gets younger


This is how a dog can change


Victoria was rescued from a house where she lived in terrible conditions, she had scabies, severe fear, and separation anxiety. A year later, a permanent home was found for her, she is healthy and feels well.

Chris before and after finding a home


The day she arrived from the shelter, nervous, thin, and smelly, and a year later


Someone abandoned a 5-week old puppy in my driveway. And this beautiful boy is already 6 months old


Miraculous transformation


Ausra was homeless in Guam and had scabies so bad she could barely walk. Someone posted a photo of her on Facebook*, we took her in and cured her. And now she lives in love in our house in Chicago.

Healthy and happy boy

Melodic Sprinkles4