19 Cases Of Apparel Makers Adding Cool Details That Amused Shoppers

Clothing serves as the simplest and most popular way for a person to demonstrate his style and lifestyle to the environment. And many manufacturers of things try to show maximum creativity in order to attract the attention of buyers to their product. Here, of course, it is not complete without cool details and elements, which, although they will not always be noticeable to a prying eye, will definitely amuse the owner of this or that thing. Funny messages on tags, cute drawings on the inside of the trousers, and even quotes from famous writers on the lining – we have collected all this in our today’s selection!

I saw a coat at a flea market, in which there was a pocket for a phone, and it showed a Nokia phone


On the pants that I bought today, there were 3 little men hidden


My favorite houndstooth pants are actually kitties.


This shirt has a secret pocket with a funny lettering


Never noticed that the dog has a little saw on my work pants


There is a knife hidden in this belt buckle.


There was a sewn cocktail recipe in a suit pocket


Cocktail recipe White Russian: 50 grams of vodka, 20 grams of coffee liqueur and cream. Pour the vodka and coffee syrup on top of the ice and fill the glass with the cream. You can serve.

My new backpack has a clasp that I’ve never seen before.


This buckle on the backpack also turned out to be a whistle.


The doggie of my cowboy jeans has a small cowboy boot painted on it.


An interesting quote was sewn on my pants


Quote: “The price of anything is calculated by the length of life that was spent on it.” Henry David Thoreau.

Found jeans at a flea market that had a coin as a button


A map of the world was printed on my pants pockets


There’s a ruler on the fly of my pants


Pocket in pocket


The French brand decided to print the washing instructions for the jacket in the form of a comic strip


It took a while for me to notice my pants trying to tell me something


Caption: “You will succeed.”

There are instructions on my pants


  1. Put one leg in the pant leg,
  2. Repeat the same with the other leg,
  3. Have a good day.

There is a vent in my jacket


Do you have any of these tricks on your clothes?