18 Unfortunate Makeup Artists Who Made Such Impressive Make-Up For Their Clients That No One Will Be Able To Forget

Makeup is a great power. Proper use of cosmetics can improve the appearance of any person and emphasize its beneficial aspects. That is why make-up is indispensable in many areas. It is extremely important in cinema, theater, in the modeling business. However, there is a very thin line between “good” and “bad”. Unfortunately, some makeup artists forget about this golden rule, adhering to the “bigger and fatter” position. As a result, gullible girls who decide to go to an appointment with such a master receive poor-quality work, which causes only laughter and bewilderment among others.

Aggressive contouring at its finest


Her eyes look tired because of such heavy makeup.


The girl looks like a cartoon character


The client is only eleven years old


Not anymore. Now she’s a 30-year-old sugar baby who thinks she’s a powerhouse in the luxury world.

That very moment when the makeup artist matched the tone to the jacket, and not to the face


Now for some blush! Ready!


This makeup is done by a makeup artist who has a million subscribers


It’s hard to say what was better here – eyebrows or lips.


Looks like a mannequin in a window.

It’s like being in Madame Tussauds.

Just a little powder


Makeup artist’s efforts are priceless


These are images from the page of a certified makeup artist


I prefer the second one because it eliminates the illusion of rat teeth.

Makeup artists took money for this nightmare

Coordinator Fight Club

There is something to see here


Some makeup artists believe that all women want to be more orange.


I dipped my brush into nacho cheese.

It could be worse


The work of a British makeup artist. Just look at this hairline


Would you buy a contouring course from this makeup artist?


How to become a bronze statue.

Looks brighter than an Oscar statuette.

At first glance, it looks like a joke, but it’s not.


It will look amazing on stage!! I can see it from the moon.