18 Strong Girls Who Proved That Relief Muscles Can Be To Face Not Only Men

Women’s bodybuilding in many countries has long ceased to be something unusual. Some girls strive not only to acquire a beautiful, toned figure but also to make it as athletic and developed as possible. To get closer to their ideal, athletes devote most of their time to classes (this is what endurance should be). However, the result that they manage to achieve fully justifies all the sacrifices. We invite you to look at the incredibly strong women who managed to create the body of their dreams, and now they are happy to show it to others.

Spectacular posing

Yulia Lifts

That very moment when a bodybuilder girl puts on a dress


Sport is a difficult and sometimes even dangerous thing. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with it. This rule also works with bodybuilding. While doing it, it is better to adhere to the measure to avoid harming your appearance and health.

Press worthy of the highest praise


It’s hard to imagine how much work is put into this body


This girl would definitely become an arm wrestling champion

Andrea Gregorova

Back pumped to 100%


Improvements achieved in 10 weeks. The current state of the photo on the right

marissa mini-beast

The figure you need

Samantha Herfert

Bodybuilding is hard work. Athletes take 5-6 times a week, devoting several hours to training.

Muscular femininity

Ariel Rose / 
Ariel Rose

Total transformation


Here the girl clearly paid the most attention to her hands.


The athlete did a wonderful job on her body

Elizabethloo17 / 

It looks like femininity combined with strength


Bojana Vasilevich – Serbian TV presenter, fitness consultant, and trainer




A couple of months before the competition. The athlete is diligently preparing for them to perform successfully.


A little pumped up


Bonus: Model Bridget Goodes cosplays Wonder Woman. Just look at those muscles.


Since childhood, Bridget has had extremely low self-esteem. At 18, the girl went to the gym and began to train intensively. She began to post her photos and posts on the Internet, helping insecure people find them. So Bridget changed not only her body but her life. Blogging on the Internet brought her quite a lot of popularity.