18 Photos That Tell More About Australia Than Any Travel Guide

A country with a unique landscape, unique flora and fauna attracts many tourists every year. But some people choose to love this continent from afar. We cannot disagree with them, because here there is a chance to meet a spider in the microwave or find a snake on your bed.

“Favorite type of regular content: A sister from Australia sends a photo of something that has crawled into the house this time.”

“My mom had a kangaroo and he carried rings at her wedding.”

“I’ve lived in Australia for 28 years, but this is the first time I’ve met such a guy. Impressive! “

Typical risk factor in the workplace

The spiders wrapped their cobwebs around the lantern. Yes, this is Australia …

Regular Monday

A snake escapes the rain by basking on an electric blanket in a children’s bedroom

“Met this handsome guy on Rottnest Island today.”

At night, all living creatures go out into the street. Mostly they are possums

When an Australian animal is non-venomous, it starts a psychological attack.

“I’m going to school, and here’s a spider on the doorframe”

The rhombic python is looking for food. Not dangerous to humans, but can still scare the hell out of you

Just ordinary Australia

Kangaroos: Breaking Down Your Cars Since 1901

“After 9 months in Australia, I finally saw my first wild Australian snake, a rhombic python resting in the sun at Byron Bay Lighthouse.”

“My dad lives alone in the Australian bush and takes care of a family of wild kangaroos. Today he sent me this photo. “

“In Sydney. Any ideas? A friend says it’s a rhombic python or a red-bellied black snake. “

“When friends ask me what Australia looks like when they return home, I send them this photo.”