18 Failed Cases When Kids Thought Their Ideas Were Brilliant, But Life Has Shown The Opposite

Any parent knows that if it becomes quiet in the room with the child, then something suspicious and, possibly, irreparable is clearly happening there. After all, those ideas of kids that seem ingenious to them turn out to be almost a disaster for adults. At the same time, some childhood crimes turn out to be so unexpected that those around them do not even know whether to laugh or cry. And even the photographs taken at the scene of the incident evoke a storm of all kinds of emotions.

Not the best place to swim


9-year-old sister decided to make wireless headphones


I turned away for 5 seconds


He refused my help when ordering food because he is already a “big boy”


Now he sits furious in the backseat with his egg, jalapenos, and olives bun. This will be a lesson to him.

Fresh concrete is not the best place to walk


Children can be brought to tears not only by the shameful falling of their nose into fresh concrete but also by real trifles.

We played hide and seek with her. This is the place where she hid for the first, second, and third time.


When I was little, I made a stand for pans – it has plastic beads on it


How to quickly become a smurf without registration and SMS


My brother broke a tulip and tried to hide it with a tomato


As a child, one of my hobbies was to spin around myself until everything floated before my eyes.


This photo was taken after spinning around and knocking out four of my front teeth as I crashed into a kitchen chair.

Wires are not the best toy


I turned on the vacuum cleaner, 30 seconds later it suddenly turned off, and I heard crying. With children, everything is fine.

Not all games go unnoticed


It seems that underwater photography does not shine for the guy.


Shrek’s color


The soap tasted less pleasant than the smell


The child made a drawing on the machine. Stone


It seems that little Saruman is growing in this house.


Children played construction. It’s good that I checked the slippers before I put them on


Some children seem to make it their top priority to entertain everyone around them. And it doesn’t matter at what cost!