18 Examples Of Bad Photoshop That Proves Some People Should Never Be Allowed Near It

Mastering the magic of Photoshop gives a lot of advantages. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can make any picture better, brighter and more original. The main thing is not to overdo it and use the program’s capabilities in moderation. However, unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to this warning.

There is a separate series of Photoshoppers that you don’t feed with bread, let them use more filters and masks that make the skin smooth and plastic, like a doll, the muscles are disproportionately large, and the eyes are crazy. Of course, their abilities are not limited to this. They have a lot of funny and strange ideas in their arsenal. We invite you to take a look at how they brought some of them to life.

Everyone came to admire the giant anaconda


The look of this company is a little intimidating.


The photoshopped faces make them look like the mermaids from Harry Potter.

Not an ounce of photoshop. All natural and organic


Extremely thin legs, a narrow waist, and incredibly lush breasts


Advertisement for cat carriers. Why do this?


Large pool that fits the whole family. Legs don’t seem to count.


“Every woman dreams of my forms,” the girl writes in her account.


It’s so hot it melts window frames.

What a wonderful shower


Weird way to eat chicken wings


A girl and her dog realistically swim in the pool


This man’s life is a complete Photoshop fantasy.


When you overdo it with anti-wrinkle cream


She needs an exorcist.

Here are the forms


Gardener doing photoshop


There are not many muscles


He must have eaten a lot of spinach.

Is it just me, or is his beard about to come off?

The more you look at the photo, the more questions arise.


Saw this guy on Tinder. Looks like he photoshopped someone else’s head onto his body


He looks like David Beckham. But heavily photoshopped.

I like that he just relaxes before a full bath.

There is clearly something wrong with the proportions now.