18 Bully Birds That Look Like They Were Designed To Misch

Birds are amazing creatures that live almost anywhere in the world. We enjoy watching them in their natural environment and keep some as pets because they are so nice and friendly. Unfortunately, the belief in the absolute harmlessness of birds is erroneous. Having seized the moment, they are able to arrange grandiose chaos in order, for example, to steal food, spoil something, or just frolic enough. Even the most peaceful birds, such as, for example, a dove or an ordinary domestic parrot, can show themselves an unexpected, sinister side.

What about hugs?

The Cryptonaturalist

There must be some special offer for this pigeon.

Andrew Low

Now these panties belong to him

Dominique Zivkovich Brady

This is my food man

Dominique Zivkovich Brady

I have chips now!

Anna Simmons

Seagulls are one of the most cunning and aggressive birds. They often steal food from people. Birds are able to steal without a twinge of conscience any food that could become a potential dinner. Zoologists advise tourists to fight impudent kleptomaniacs. To do this, it is enough to track the movement of birds and hide food away from their sharp eyes.

Home renovation has taken a terrible turn

Gaea Zim

Haven’t you been taught to share?

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The chief builder came to check how the work is progressing


Pain familiar to many from childhood


Borb – the destroyer of cells


Here’s to you, impostor!


This goose refuses to let me through




Just got home and saw this mess


Kea parrots searching a backpacker’s bag

Shellie Evans

Kea parrots are feathered hooligans and thieves with incredible minds. The open windows of cars and the trunk become an easy source of food for them and more. They take away any carelessly thrown things that can be hidden in the crevices of the rocks and between the stones.

A cassowary climbed into the house of an Australian without an invitation


Australian Tony Fleming was working in his workshop when he saw a huge bird come into his room. The man admitted that at first, he was seriously excited, but then he realized that the cassowary just wanted to inspect his barn. Despite the formidable appearance, representatives of this species of birds are quite shy and try not to intersect with people once again.

Stole a lollipop from my son, causing him to cry


He seems to be threatening

Demond Natureismysolace McDonald