“18 Amusing Photographs That Make You Question Reality: Did I Really See That?”

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket, which means that anyone can become witness something strange and immediately capture it on camera. Alternatively, they can create something unusual themselves by playing with perspective. We have gathered a collection of photographs that require a second look to fully understand what is happening. These images showcase extraordinary events or perhaps the author played with perspective and went a bit too far.

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, we are able to capture moments that would have been missed or forgotten in the past. These photographs challenge our perception and demonstrate how easily our eyes can be deceived. Whether it’s a clever optical illusion or an unexpected juxtaposition, the images we’ve collected will leave you questioning what is real and what is not. So take a closer look and decide for yourself: are these photos capturing something strange, or are they simply clever illusions created by the photographer’s skilful use of perspective?

Crane in sneakers


Fire-breathing bear


Skater or goat rider?


Tiny glasses on a cup of coffee


Please help, I’m confused.

— This is an advertising stand in the form of a cup of coffee. He stands on the ground.

No! It’s just a standard American big coffee!

This photo looks like two photos stacked together.


He hit his knee so hard that he broke reality.



Siamese cyclists


Bipedal dog


These dogs are so different, but at the same time so similar. They are like an old couple who start to look the same after living together for many years.

Huge turtle

Or it’s just very small people.

Double dog

Get your head out of… ahem


Multi-legged chicken


2D building in Prague


I’m sure those three sorcerers had nothing to do with it.

Crocodile in a drink can


A huge hand is convenient


The colour of the sky and the building matched


Floating trash can



It’s not a horse, it’s a dog. So this is a dogtaur