17 Unusual Things Designed To Solve Problems That Many Have Never Thought About

If there is any problem in the world, even the smallest one, be sure that a solution has already been invented for it. There are things, devices and mechanisms that have been created specifically to cope with any one task. A knife for opening champagne, a space screwdriver or a pillow for a child’s head – all this exists and regularly serves people, protecting them from problems.

Special nozzle for cleaning traffic signs


Device for drying bottles for home brewery


Balls that are transported in water tanks so that it does not splash when driving and does not overturn the truck

A device that combines a screwdriver and a drill – was used in space to repair the Hubble telescope and the ISS


Knife for sabrage – dashing opening a bottle of champagne


A device that allows you to get small objects from narrow slots


Special gloves for those who work with very cold objects and substances – for example, with liquid helium


Special headrest that protects the baby’s head when falling


Children need an eye and an eye – it is worth turning away, as they have already done some new prank. After all, many ideas that seem ingenious to kids, in fact, turn out to be those failures.

The device with which thatched roofs were made


Scissors used by groomers to tidy up extra thick wool


The thing that collects shotgun shells from the ground


Spray for testing smoke detectors


Protection of the keyboard from annoying cat


Seals, and other animals, seem to be waiting for the moment to attract all the attention of people. True, they choose not the most peaceful methods .

Saw with which dentists grind porcelain crowns


Container for transportation of stem cells and vaccines at a temperature of -150 ° С


A device on which surgeons learn to suture


Educational scissors for children. Additional finger holes are for adults to help children cut

Some things look so mysterious that at first glance it is impossible to understand what they are for. To solve such mysteries, there are people whom just give a new riddle!