17 Unusual And Touching Tattoos That Hide A Whole Story Or An Important Event

Sometimes people get tattoos not only for beauty, but to remember something important. Many people want to always be accompanied by a reminder of a valuable event, soul mate or favorite pet. So it turns out that a quite ordinary-looking drawing actually carries a lot of meaning and becomes a whole story. Here are some examples of such soulful and meaningful tattoos.

This is how my mother’s laugh looks like – you can always look, smile, and remember the good times


As a sign that I am an electrician. And since I make money with my hands, where is the best place for a tattoo?


Collecting a collection of stamps from all travels!


Perpetuated his favorite fishing spot


A year has passed since open-heart surgery


And the two things I love the most: music and football!

I survived the storm


There were tough times. Here is a portrait of the one who was able to get me out


In memory of my father, the words he wrote to me: “I’m so proud of you. Love, daddy “


My daughter’s birthmark and my new tattoo


Five and a half hours, and my grandfather’s favorite car is always with me


It so happened that I got a prosthesis, and at the same time a new tattoo.


Now I feel great, and the tattoo pleases with its appearance!

The sun is my bride


Children with BPD are unable to paint over lines.


My first tattoo was for a heart transplant


A portrait of my dog, and on top of his paw print


You can carry a photo in your wallet, or you can do this


Paired tattoos for mom and son


Well, the more ways to immortalize important events and memories, the better!