17 Things That Pretended To Be Other Objects, Making Us Look At Them Twice

Sometimes the eyes deceive us, forcing us to see something that is not really there. When we notice familiar outlines, our brain itself puts what we see into a coherent picture, which is sometimes far from reality.

Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s even scary or just weird. Today we have prepared for you a collection of entertaining photographs that depict things that famously deceive the brain.

An olive tree that looks like a pensive old man

Although, it is possible that this is just an overstayed ent who is still thinking about whether it is worth joining the battle with Saruman. Old man, it’s already over.

“This is how my dad looks sleeping in church,” one user joked

Disgruntled Chocolate Chip Cookie


This emotion may seem familiar to some, as they could see it in the mirror when they were unexpectedly called to work

“My dog ​​Murphy has a self-portrait on his chest”


Or this dog just got a tattoo of Milu, the dog from The Adventures of Tintin, on his chest. Or maybe it’s like in the movie Inception, the dog has a silhouette of a dog on its chest, and on the silhouette of a dog in the form of a dog, there is also a silhouette of a dog, etc.

Friendly mushroom baby in a huge hat


Hi baby! Just look at him, he is waving his hand to you! This is probably Groot’s cousin Shroom

“These strudels are not happy to see me”


Well, not all of them are so grumpy, for example, the kid in the upper right corner seems quite happy. Choose which strudel you are today.

PS: By the way, these guys also resemble Groot’s relatives, and if they were, then each of them would be called Stroud

Banana flower or Pennywise?


We hope that not a single Georgie is lost on this plantation. If you ever spot something like this, don’t follow it down the drain

Joyful onion lady


This onion was so happy… Until the author of the photo ate it, as he himself said in the comments: “It was delicious!”

What would you do with someone who made you cry by laughing in your face?

This onion lady even got some fan art


On the fur of this cat, the silhouette of Zangief is guessed – a character in the Street Fighter game series


Also, the silhouette on the back of this cat resembles Mr T. Whatever it was, just in case, we would not get too close to him

“My ham has a face”


It looks like it’s not ham at all, but the face of the author of the photo just fell to the plate. Some users agreed that this piece of ham reminds them of Handsome Squidward’s face from SpongeBob SquarePants

When food looks back at you


This raisin looks at the author of the photo as if he fears for his life. Does it right?

The author of the photo wrote that on that day he ate quinoa with raisins and other vegetables and cereals. Users wondered if the raisins sang, which also reminded them of Clippy (Clippy), an assistant from the old version of Microsoft Office

The outline of a face formed in the Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain range


Since this massif is located in the centre of the Apennine Peninsula, we can bet that he has seen a lot. But anyway, he looks very pleased

“Onion face in my son’s soup”


This is one of the saddest and most confusing soups we’ve ever seen. Although, perhaps he is just upset that his vermicelli hair is all messed up, and even shrinking right before his eyes

Release him!


This bun with a Shiba Inu face looks quite pleased. She’s not locked, she’s just resting

A puppy that bears a striking resemblance to English actor Patrick Stewart


Although it’s probably really Patrick Stewart himself, he’s just a very good actor and knows how to transform

A sea anemone that looks like Kenny from South Park


We hope no one killed either Kenny or that anemone that day

The Escape


This unusual cactus looks like it is trying to get out of this place in cartoon style.

“This is me sneaking up on the fridge at 3 a.m.,” one commenter joked

Erosion has created this hedgehog-shaped rock, although some believe it looks more like a pig.


This is the Hedgehog Rock, also known as the Pig Rock, located in the Tassilin-Adjer National Park in Algeria.