17 Stunning Photos That Prove Size Matters

When we look at photos on the Internet or movies on TV, we may not be aware of the actual size of certain things. For example, the moonfish weighs more than two tons, and the tallest flower can easily reach three-meter ceilings. Did you guess about it? Often we perceive many things as ordinary until we dare to learn more about them.

To understand the dimensions of an object, it is enough just to compare it with something. We have compiled a selection of photographs that clearly demonstrate this technique.

avocado overgrown


This is what a big tiger fish looks like

Blue whale compared to 22m ship


The biggest pitbull in the world named Hulk

Pitbull Hulk

Breaded pork tenderloin perfect size


Beautiful and disgusting flower Titan Arum


A giant plant whose weight can reach 100 kilograms. Gives off the fetid smell of rotting meat.

The hail that fell last night


Model of the Quetzalcoatl, the largest flying reptile that has ever existed on Earth


One of the world’s largest diesel engines

IC Engines

Now all wishes will come true


Huge goldfish are found in the Wassa River, which is located in Australia.

No, it won’t slip

Scott Olson

saw cut giant sequoia


10 megabyte hard drive 1960


Hamburg record holder

Burger Club

Steve Malley, an owner of Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, poses with a hamburger that weighed 816 kilograms.

The sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world.

Burger Club

A blue whale skull compared to a human