17 Photos That Show That Being A Veterinarian Is Not Only A Responsible Occupation But Also Quite Fun

Going to the doctor is an unloved thing for many. But if a person always has a choice, then our four-legged friends do not have it. We simply take them and take them to the veterinarian for examination as soon as necessary. But how wonderful that these people in dressing gowns are not only ready to save our loved ones but also to fill their reception with warmth and love. And fluffy patients will not wait long to cheer and thank their rescuers in return!

So what’s up, doctor?


Reunion of mother koala with her baby


A team of wildlife conservationists not only treated a young mother koala from her injuries but also helped her find her lost baby.

My dog ​​had this facial expression throughout his doctor’s appointment.


My sister is a veterinarian and she took my dog ​​with her to work. One day I decided to ask her how he was doing and she sent me this…


Oliver doesn’t really want to see the doctor


Grateful Patients

Seas Diver

My dad is at the vet today with his kitten


My aunt’s dog panicked a bit in the vet’s office


A visit to the doctor often causes jitters not only in animals but also in many people. But it’s great if your doctor turns out to be a sympathetic and kind person who will always calm everyone down!



Lord, why am I…

Polyester Pantsuit

The vet called and asked if they could use a photo of our cat for marketing purposes while he was being treated at the dentist. I said, “Of course!” And then they sent me a photo…

These are the benefits of being a veterinarian! As many as five fluffy pluses!


An unhappy hamster who already remembers you for life


The veterinarians specially knitted Pixie a nice little blue blouse so that he would calm down a bit before the operation.

What do they write?


My stepfather is a veterinarian and today one of his patients looked different than most…


My cat was the bad boy at the doctor’s today


Mmm, what a beautiful wall, and a cosy corner


Luna was sure no one would find her there.



We hope that we at least a little cheered you up with this selection and opened the backstage of the work of a veterinarian!