17 Photos That Show Some People Have A Special Approach To Everything – Even Organizing Things

While some people are devoted adherents of creative disorder and enthusiastically scatter books, clothes, and sweets everywhere, they are opposed by supporters of neat and thoughtful storage. Moreover, many invent their own special systems: how to layout coins, arrange books on a shelf, or even organize a special box for jelly in the office! Here are some more examples of an unusual approach to organizing things.

I was paid $5 like this in stacks of 10 cents


My dad has a special drawer for storing sauces.


Books for sale in our library are sorted by color


There’s a box in my dentist’s office with jelly beans sorted by color.


Grandpa doesn’t store Lego in sets but puts the same parts into bags


Set up a jelly box at work!


My wife is so organized that she collects a separate bag of clothes for every day of her vacation.


And where is the package “I have never worn this in the last 3 years, but maybe I’ll finally wear it on vacation”?

My dad has a special visual method for storing discs.


In the gym, the water in the machine is arranged according to its temperature.


And in this store, the books are arranged like this


I used to cook for work, now only at home. Here is my spice box


In a thrift store, someone put together movies where the titles are numbers from 0 to 12


My husband thought I was crazy, but I really arranged the balloons by color


You remind me of those Tibetan monks who spend hours carving mandalas out of butter only to see them melt in the sun and remind themselves of the ephemeral nature of life!

Even chicken eggs can be sorted by color


For fruits and vegetables, there was also an unusual solution.


In a Swedish supermarket, the storage of chips is taken very seriously


And I also came up with a colorful system for applications on the phone