17 Photos That Prove That Childrens Pranks Are A Pill For Sadness

Children are the best comedians. It is unlikely that anyone will argue with this statement. Their antics can make any adult who has had time to get bored watching the news or reading a book laugh to tears. It is enough for kids to show a little imagination to come up with an original prank that relatives will talk about at all holidays and family dinners. Let’s look at the photos of those who have already distinguished themselves.

Unsuccessfully played with a robot vacuum cleaner


I wish I could give this photo more than one like!

Oh no! My sister used to do this with a radio-controlled car when she was little. Neither the car nor the hair benefited from it!

The son said that he was hot and asked to buy ice cream. I didn’t expect this turn of events.

Potential Apathy

He is either a genius or a fool. Either way, you probably don’t need to save up for college.

This is what cooling looks like.

Great place to stay


An extraordinary approach to fulfilling a request


I work as a teacher and recently told my group to “hang your snacks on the hook.” I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

The daughter learns the art of being a cat


My daughter made me breakfast today


To be honest, the color of the sausage is so-so.

Eat carefully, God forbid you to step on the crumbs later.

A win-win method to open the peacock’s tail


Do like this boy: put on a bright cloak, and the bird will think that you are competing with it.

The accomplices are stealing


Baby decided to play with hair removal lotion


Total disappointment


He refused to let me help him order food because he is a “big boy”. Now he sits frustrated with his egg on a jalapeño black olive hot dog bun.

My child is trying to get out of the car to play with another child.


Mom, I need 32 toilet paper rolls.


My two-year-old leaves dolls all over the house. Sometimes they look like they’re alive


Wait, damn it, your kid fooled me twice! At first, I thought he was hiding behind the table, no, it’s a doll. Then I assumed that he was sitting in a basket. Not! It’s also a doll! Your child will be a great prankster

A friend just wanted to take a nice photo of his daughter


When no one sees


Went to school like this. Child 8 years old

John Brown Militia


It was the style in the early 90s.