17 Photos Demonstrating What Happens To The Poor Man Who Falls Asleep First During A Wild Party

A noisy party surrounded by pleasant company is an excellent occasion to have plenty of fun and relax properly. However, at almost every such party there are pranksters who are just waiting for the moment when the “weakest link” is discovered, that is, the one who gives up faster than the rest and falls asleep first. This man cannot be envied. Jokers use the most sophisticated fantasies to take funny photos with him, and then show them to an innocent sleepyhead, who could not expect such a trick and other participants in a crazy holiday. Sometimes these pictures make you feel a little uncomfortable. Therefore, going to gatherings, being cheerful, and do not abuse strong drinks.

Never fall asleep at a party


Here’s What Happened When Our Marine Friend Was The First To Fall Asleep At The Party


Our friend fell asleep at the party. I’m sure he won’t want to do that again.


Now he looks like a monster from the X-Men.

Falling asleep in the midst of fun is the biggest mistake


This is the best piece of art I have ever seen!

Looks like the matchmaker from Mulan.

Fell asleep at a house party first. This is what was waiting for me when I woke up


You now look like Bjorn from Vikings.

Sound sleep is power

Weird CrepeTubes

He sleeps whatever


He clearly did not expect such a setup.


balance master


My friends don’t draw indecent things when I pass out.


Hell, I wouldn’t even be mad. And I wouldn’t even try to get rid of that drawing.

When you passed out too soon


Great support if a friend is no longer on his feet


Friends decided to help update the image

Hey you intelligent life form

When you want to sleep so much that you agree to everything


Great makeup to freshen up the look

Si tu dors t’es mort

oil painting


Friends know how to make a party unforgettable for the one who gave up first under the onslaught of sleep.