17 Photographs That Prove That Many People Never Stop Being Children As Adults

How to understand that you are already an adult? Most often, people define themselves as such when they finish school, get a job, or start families. But it also happens that the child inside us does not pay any attention to these circumstances and continues to play naughty and mischievous even being in the body of an adult. And this, in fact, has its own charm!

Today we have collected for you 17 photographs of the older generation, for whom age is just numbers in the passport, and therefore there is so much childishness in their behavior and jokes.

This is how my mom cuts onions to keep from crying


Mom started coughing and Dad decided to take it seriously.


Dad decided to sell a pocket mirror over the Internet and posted such a picture. Said he wanted to show it works


Table setting from my mom


Dad gave me socks with a picture of himself for Christmas.


We are used to thinking that mischief and humor are more often characteristic of the younger generation. And that’s why it’s so funny to watch how people who have exchanged their fifties can preserve their childish spontaneity.

Meet my dad in Rick’s cucumber costume


This Christmas, my mom was in charge of decorating the shelf with the elf


My uncle is trying to explain the movie “The Hobbit” to my grandfather


On Halloween, my uncle dressed up as his ex-wife


My aunt fooling around behind the camera lens


From the faces of family members, you can understand that aunt knows how to dilute the situation and cheer everyone around!

My uncle got a job as a painter


I discovered that my aunt and uncle’s house has a telephone in the toilet. I envy


I looked after my grandmother, and we sent a photo to my aunt to show her that everything is fine with grandma.


My uncle and dad found my cousin’s fake hair and sent their glam shots to the whole family.


This painting hangs in my aunt’s house


My dad got a tattoo of the Simpsons characters on his head


Dad painted a face on my mom’s foot