17 Photographs Of College Girls Hiding Crib Sheets In ‘Interesting’ Places

It’s getting harder and harder for students to cheat on exams, and they have to find new ways to do it. Technology has stepped forward a long time ago and now it is not uncommon to meet a student with an earpiece or with a pen that has a hidden camera built into it. All of these new ways to cheat on an exam are good, but not everyone likes to use them. These girls in the photos are using the classic ways to cheat on an exam. They use rather revealing storage spaces to hide their cheat sheets, knowing that these spaces will never be checked by teachers.

In addition, the classic method of cheating on an exam has several advantages. First, while you are writing a cheat sheet, you partially remember what you write. That is, you are simultaneously preparing a cheat sheet and learning the topic. Secondly, this method is more reliable, since there is no risk that the phone will run out of power or the earpiece will stop working.

The selection contains 17 photos, which depict girls with cheat sheets. I would like to draw attention to the fact that cheating on the exam is not good, you need to learn and prepare yourself.

As you can see, the favorite place for girls to hide a cheat sheet is under a skirt in the hip area.

But not always, sometimes hands are used. This is true if you have long sleeves.

The neckline is also suitable for the secret storage of cheat sheets.

Getting a cheat sheet out of shoes is problematic, but they definitely won’t find it there.

This one is for the desperate.