17 People With Big Hearts Who Helped Animals Get Through This Winter

This year, in many cities and countries, the winter was much harsher than usual.

Some residents of southern latitudes first encountered such frosts. Even now, despite the fact that it is already spring on the calendar, snow storms are still raging in many regions and winter is not going to give up its positions.

At such times, animals and birds are especially vulnerable and defenseless. So all hope is pinned only on caring people.

So that the calf does not freeze, he was settled in the house right by the fireplace

“She sheltered a street cat, put her cat’s collar on it. He seems to be pleased. “

“The animals settled in the bathroom, but we bask under the blankets.”

“Brought home these two foster puppies”

“My friends set up a tent for birds right in the house.”

“Calm down, he’s just hanging out a little in our hallway.”

“And ours felt comfortable in their shed as well”

“Placed my chickens in my bathroom”

“I caught a trembling wild cat on the street. We don’t have electricity, but the house is still warmer than it is outside. She made a fleece blanket to keep him warm. “

“My mom is retired and volunteers at a sea turtle rescue center in the winter. This is what the back seat of her car looks like. A sharp cold snap literally deafens the turtles. “

“I am a veterinarian and a colleague of mine also works at the Turtle Rescue Center. Here are the kids who were saved today “

“We sat for 24 hours without electricity, but both saw snow for the first time.”

“Saved this cat from a blizzard, and now all he wants is to spend time with me.”

“Snowy photo of Lulu from Texas in full gear”

Texas snow was a real nuisance for him.

“My birthday girl doesn’t quite understand what to do with this snow phenomenon.”

It’s good when the owner has a warm down jacket in which you can warm yourself

Did you manage to help the pets this winter? Maybe you fed the birds or insulated your pets better? me