17 Most Interesting Places From Around The World That Are Worth Seeing At Least In Photographs

While there are still problems with travel in the modern world, the thirst to see something new can be quenched on the Internet. No need to book tickets and take PCR tests: just open one of our selections and find here the most interesting places on the planet. Naturally, photographs will not replace a real trip, but they will be enough to hold out until the moment when the borders finally open. And then you can see all this beauty with your own eyes!

Roman mosaic found on the coast of Turkey


Street in the Spanish city of Jerez


The place where the Namibian desert meets the ocean


temple in Thailand


A 900-year-old church in Ireland

karma enigma

Monument “Swords in stone”, Norway

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The monument was erected in honor of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, after which Harald I became king of Norway, which led to the national unification of Norway. Three swords symbolize the three regions of the country: north, southeast, and southwest.

The Vikings had a custom: in peacetime, they plunged swords into the ground. He became the inspiration for the design of the monument.

Crack in the ground in Utah National Park, USA


The village of Haid al-Jazil, standing on a huge boulder


Entrance to a furniture store decorated with a huge chest of drawers


City of High Point, USA.

A flooded mine in Slovakia that is used for diving


A building over 160 meters high in New York that has no windows


This is a telecommunications company building.

Verr├╝ckt is the highest waterslide in the world. Located in the USA


Salt mountains in Iran


“Devil’s Tower” in the USA


Monolith is of volcanic origin 265 meters high.

Part of the Madain Salih complex in the desert of Saudi Arabia


dragon temple in Thailand


Bridge in German village Kromlau