17 Masterpiece Hairstyles, Whose Owners Can Be Safely Called The Real Kings And Queens Of Outrageous

Some people love to experiment with their looks and style in general. In this case, we can talk not only about changing clothes but also about a new haircut. Wanting to fit in with fashion, some guys and girls take a conscious risk and choose rather extravagant hairstyles.

Of course, atypically cut and dyed hair is guaranteed to attract attention and make their owners, in a sense, the centre of the universe. However, in this case, you need to be prepared for the fact that others will turn their eyes on them, not only because of admiration but also because they are tritely funny.

We invite you to take a look at the photo of unfortunate experimenters who decided to conquer others with their creative, but not a very successful hairstyle.

Fan of soccer player Messi


The hairstyle looks like a fence


It looks like a useless vacuum cleaner brush head.

Something in this fashionable experiment went wrong


Sonic, is that you?

I wonder how much varnish went into this design?


Football players have their own preferences in hairstyles


Maybe it’s worth tweaking a bit.


This guy has a rather atypical head shape. It is possible that almost any hairstyle will look strange on him.

Zakos under the superhero Wolverine


When you really love mermaids


We can say that in a sense, the wish of the little mermaid came true and she still got legs.

On style


Signor Tomato


Slightly overdone with the volume


It’s just her Pekingese.

Little curls won’t hurt


When you have a beautiful forehead and you want to show it to everyone


When you ask to cut a couple of centimetres, do not specify which side.

It looks like it hasn’t been trimmed.


Jared Leto is gearing up for his new role as a Walmart employee.

That very moment when you want to keep the length and make a short hedgehog


When you no longer want bangs, but also don’t want to wait for them to grow back.

Clear Guy


Unusual wedding hairstyle


Why have only one bald patch when there can be six?!