17 Funny Gifts That Surprised And Amused Their Recipients

Who doesn’t love getting cool and useful gifts? However, there are cases when, in an attempt to present someone with an unusual present, people begin to exercise their wit and creativity excessively. The result exceeds all expectations. Some ideas find such a strange and funny execution that the resulting gifts can only be photographed and put on the net for the amusement of the entire Internet. This is exactly what the heroes of our selection did.

My dad couldn’t help but laugh when he handed this to me.

melissa lozada-oliva

Now I have a tiger dove


He gave his wife a bouquet of dumplings in retaliation for a bouquet of socks


A friend gave me this blanket for Christmas. I decided to take a picture of the main star on it


My buddy got this suit from his wife


My friend is a welder, and here is his gift to the boss


Last year I forgot to buy batteries for my niece’s toy, so this year she gave me this


The little girl asked for something for Christmas in the style of the cartoon “Frozen”

Tabatinga Kempsey

In the original, the cartoon “Frozen” is called “Frozen”, which literally translates as freezing. Someone close to the girl decided to play a trick and give her frozen vegetables.

I was given five kilograms of unpeeled pistachios


Grandma’s Apple Watch

Safi Ur Rehman Khan

My grandmother asked me what gift I want for Christmas. I told her that I want an Apple Watch. For the holiday, she handed me a box and said that it was my gift. I was amazed that she decided to give me an Apple Watch, but when I opened the box, I found this.

My girlfriend loves sharks very much, so I decided to give her a small gift.


My sister and I compete for the “worst gift” for each other. It looks like she won. These are the stones for the vase.


Gift from my brother


It was a box inside a box in another box, which had another box with a box, and in it was a gift.

Oliver received his gift


My boyfriend and I tried to make gifts for each other with our own hands in 5 minutes


My brother wanted a gift card


I wanted to please my husband with a new bathrobe


I wanted to give my husband something unique for his 32nd birthday. After hours of searching, I finally found a designer silk robe. With excitement, I bought it. When I presented it to my husband, I saw how his eyes lit up. Then we realized that it was actually a women’s dressing gown. But that suited him just fine.